Iron Fan REWORK! (hear me out ...

STOVE134291680 16시간 전조회수52

Special expressions should be....

GreaterMagic 20.09.19조회수59

Show how many souls you have [1]

epic7#u1vbei 20.09.18조회수64

Please fix Landy's expressions... [2]

Valarak 20.09.18조회수141

Please buff MERCENARY HELGA [2]

AmitaDrive 20.09.18조회수66

Remove 15% debuff resist and c... [3]

Negativityxd 20.09.18조회수81

Equippable Standard Hero Skin

STOVE134291680 20.09.18조회수28

Account Transfer

AzraKG 20.09.18조회수55

Stop Hiding Boss Skills in Adv... [4]

Rayquaza101 20.09.18조회수96

Mola on dupe characters

SirCharles 20.09.18조회수55

Gear set saving feature? Need ...

epic7#ebnuct 20.09.18조회수30

In-game Translator

Remaint 20.09.17조회수24