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[GM] New Official OST Full Version [Promise] [19]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2020.07.09 16:00 (UTC+0)조회수 5592

Hello Heirs!

You saw the full animation, but now you can see the full OST!

What do you think Heirs?!

Let us know what you think on all of our official channels!




Thank you!


  • BESTThaaat was sooo coool

    2020.07.09 16:05 (UTC+0)
  • Thaaat was sooo coool

    2020.07.09 16:05 (UTC+0)
    • We are happy that you enjoyed it!

      2020.07.14 08:37 (UTC+0)
  • Lots of love was poured into this. Much hugs to the team.

    2020.07.09 16:17 (UTC+0)
  • #PromiseInSpotify

    2020.07.09 16:26 (UTC+0)
  • Waited one and half year. and we finally got the first Ost from our beloved game. well it was worth the waiting . Please add this into the game as well . hats off to all the effort you guys put into this. will be looking forward to the next one. o7 

    2020.07.09 17:00 (UTC+0)
    • Thank you iDarKNesSiz :)

      2020.07.14 08:38 (UTC+0)
  • Thank you.

    2020.07.09 17:14 (UTC+0)
  • Don't forget to visit the artist's youtube! Lee Raon.

    2020.07.09 20:04 (UTC+0)
  • SOOOO GOOD, congrats to the team!! spcially the creatives! 

    2020.07.09 20:19 (UTC+0)
  • For RTA, can I have the choice to get the 1500 points instead? I placed in masters. LIKE why take away to conquest points to give me a specter tenebria skin AND I DON'T OWN SPECTER TENEBRIA? thank u

    2020.07.10 05:07 (UTC+0)
  • I was in masters before the severs went down for maintenance and found myself to be locked into gold because of the decay. This upsets me because I worked hard to get into masters to get the specter tenebria skin, and was furious to find myself decayed into gold and there was no way I could get back up to masters due to the locked placement. for everyone else that experienced this problem, we deserve that skin.

    2020.07.10 06:37 (UTC+0)
  • Seriously would absolutely looooove to watch an Epic 7 anime series. Get it done!!!

    2020.07.10 07:23 (UTC+0)
  • Thank you for all the effort in making the video, much appreciation and love. Please continue to do your best and so on.

    2020.07.10 15:12 (UTC+0)
  • Truly EPIC animationss

    Good jobbb



    *d4mn me and my limited vocabularies

    2020.07.11 02:45 (UTC+0)
  • .. love it ....   just to give my own opinion, it would've been better if the animation was a continuos one rather than a sketch by sketch presentation.. but I understand it's not an easy thing to do.. so no complaints here. 

    2020.07.17 09:56 (UTC+0)
  • .. E7, one of the few games that is balanced and is actually worth playing on mobile.. pls don't become p2w like the rest of the games out there.. thank you

    2020.07.17 09:58 (UTC+0)
  • Not sure if this will ever be seen, but I didn't want to post this question outside of a related thread. I love this song, Roan Lee did a phenomenal job, and the animation for the song is also spectacular. Everyone involved should be proud. But because I like the song so much, I've been looking to download it. I don't always have access to streaming. But none of the Amazon, iTunes, or Spotify links I've used in the official posts actually show 'Promise', but all of Raon Lee's other songs(Which I've helped myself to). So I'm asking, much like others on Reddit or anywhere else, is 'Promise' available anywhere for download? Thank you, anyone, if you happen to reply to this. And thank you Raon Lee and Smilegate for this wonderful song.

    2020.09.08 21:47 (UTC+0)

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