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OC Reeemaaaake!

RANK45 KiranAskr[STOVE141808779] 2020.10.31 01:28 (UTC+0)조회수 194

Okay. I’ve been holding off too long due to laziness. Time to finally do this!



When Jade was young, she wanted to be a sorceress, but she no magical abilities. She studied magic for years, but nothing ever happened for her. So the day she decided to throw away her dream, an outlaw from witchhaven cursed her to have a dark figure control dark magic from within her. So now with her friends, Jade travels to unknown places of Orbis in order to stop the curse.


“Nothing can hold her back with perseverance!”


S.1; Dancing flame

With black fire illuminating her fingertips, Jade throws fire at one opponent, causing burn. With soulburn(takes 6) Jade can attack all enemies with fire and has a 50%(max) chance of inflicting burn.

S.2; Pep talk

Jade knows that nothing can bring her down, and so, she cheers everyone up, increasing attack, defense, and critical hit chance. Can be used every 3 turns. Grants extra turn.

S.3 Hellfire

A voice in whispers to her, telling her that she must destroy everything. Her hands catch black fire, and she covers all enemies in the fire. 60% (max) inflicting burn.  Decreases defense, can be used every 4



They are closer than any siblings existent, Jade will never leave Vixennas side.



Mysterious dreams

“Every night that I dream;

Blurry with smoke and steam;

A man smiles his seductive smile;

Telling me to stay a while.
Though I question his existence;

This cold darkness never listens;

He tells me his little secret;,

“I will never let you leave me.”


At the start of each turn, if HP is 50% or more, the person equipped will decrease an enemies attack for one turn. 4*

This is the new and improved Jade, what do you think?
Obviously the devs are allowed to use❤️❤️❤️
Happy Halloween 🎃🖤🧡

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