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[Winners] Arky’s Ladder Event Winners Announcement and Reward Distribution [17]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2020.11.20 06:00 (UTC+0)조회수 5450


Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


Please see below for the results of the Arky Ladder Event that was held on November 11.

Remember how you chose one letter/number from [E-P-I-C-7]?

Let’s see what rewards were linked to the ladders below.


■ Arky’s Ladder Event (Go to the event page)

- Schedule: 11/11 (Wed) ~ 11/15 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

- Eligible Heirs: All Heirs on the Korea, Asia, Global, and Europe servers.


■ Arky’s Ladder Event Results Announcement and Rewards Information 

<< Results >>


















Most Votes

 The total number of voters is 11,984 and 4,604 people voted for [ 7 ]. Now let’s climb down the ladder to see the results!

    "Arky is about to pick up a reward for our Heirs!"


<< Results of the Ladder game >>


<< Reward >>

- Event Reward


- Eligible Heirs: All players who left a comment with their game information on the event post.

- Reward Distribution: 11/20 (Fri) 06:00 UTC

 Rewards will be distributed to Heirs on the Korea, Asia, Global, and Europe servers.

 The event reward that got the most votes will be distributed to our Heirs. 

 Event rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox and will be available to claim within 7 days from the distribution date. (Storage Period: 7 days)


Thank you for showing interest in our event and for your enthusiastic participation.

We will continue doing our best to provide you with even more enjoyable content.


Thank you.


  • An artifact charm?

    2020.11.20 06:09 (UTC+0)
  • I feel i have been tricked but not in a bad way either. Thanks for the charm anyway. 

    2020.11.20 06:10 (UTC+0)
  • I can't believe idiots actually picked artifact charm over energy

    2020.11.20 06:33 (UTC+0)
  • Why do I feel like I've been scammed like we really got the artifact charm over the 200 energy bruh

    2020.11.20 06:45 (UTC+0)
  • The third best choice other than energy and gold.

    2020.11.20 06:52 (UTC+0)
  • this is actually pretty sad.

    2020.11.20 06:56 (UTC+0)
  • Even though it free, I don't see why people would pick the artifact charm over the energy.

    2020.11.20 07:21 (UTC+0)
  • I won. hahaha

    2020.11.20 09:53 (UTC+0)
  • Why people chose E and 7 most definitely cheat. I'll sue

    2020.11.20 14:04 (UTC+0)
  • well, i am glad i actually voted C, the funny part is it got the least votes and it was the 200 energy.

    2020.11.20 15:39 (UTC+0)
  • Oh will you all just shut up?? It was free! It was fun! God, no one is appreciative, ever! Smilegate is hard at work trying to make a fun game for everyone, and all most people do is cry and complain! I’m so darn sick of it, and if you can’t play RIGHT, don’t darn play AT ALL!

    2020.11.20 20:23 (UTC+0)
  • Voter fraud! We obviously get everything if all legal votes were counted.

    2020.11.20 22:30 (UTC+0)
  • Looking at the flow chart of the ladders it seems that it was impossible to win anything but the charm or pet token....

    2020.11.20 23:58 (UTC+0)

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