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[Closed] Coin Shop Event [3398]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2020.11.23 09:00 (UTC+0)조회수 29876


Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel!

Do you remember the Coin Shop that was opened after the October 29 update?

Merchant Purin would like to ask you a question about it! 

Answer the quiz and receive rewards that Merchant Purin has prepared for you!

■ Purin's Quiz! Chapter: Coin Shop

1. Schedule: 11/23 (Mon) 18:00 ~ 11/29 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Rewards: 

- Correct Answer: Leif x2

- Lucky Reward (10 Heirs): 300,000 Gold (10 Lucky Heirs who answered correctly) 

3. Reward Distribution Date: 12/4 (Fri)

4. How to participate:  Please make sure that you follow or the following format for your post title and details. Post your answer on the [Purin’s Quiz Board] or leave a comment.

 Post Format:


Server / Nickname

Post Details

10 Galaxy Coins / 10 Covenant Coins 

 Please Note

- Make sure to participate on the [Purin Quiz Board] or comment in order to receive rewards. 

- Your entry will be disqualified if you do not follow the post format. 

- Duplicate entries are not allowed and only the first entry submitted will be considered. (1 entry per account)  

- If your nickname changed at the time of reward distribution, you will not be able to get rewards. 

- If you change your nickname after participating in the event, please update your entry to show your new nickname. 

- Eligible Heirs: Heirs on the Korea/Asia/Global/Europe servers


Thank you!



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