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[Issues] 1/22 (Fri) Known Issues (Fixed) [23]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2021.01.22 05:00 (UTC+0)조회수 6768


Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


The following issues have been identified on 1/22 (Fri).


1. An issue in World Arena has been discovered when the 5 Hero Archdemon's Shadow seals enemies with her skill <Touch of Chaos>, the icon for the Seal effect is not displayed properly.

→ We have confirmed that this is only an icon display error that does not affect its function. The cause of the error is being investigated and we are working on fixing it. 

→ We will correct this issue as soon as possible.

 → This issue has been fixed during the 1/26 (Tue) World Arena Temporary Maintenance.

2. An issue where the Friendship screen is not displayed at the end of an Arena battle has been discovered.

→ We are currently investigating the cause of this issue and will correct it as soon as possible

→ We will correct this issue as soon as we identify the exact cause.

 → This issue has been fixed during the 2/4 (Thu) Update.

3. An issue where the [Single Attack Enhancement Device] is applied not only during the caster's turn but during Counterattack/Dual Attack as well.

→ The description will be fixed to match the correct function.

→ It is planned to be fixed during the 2/4 (Thu) Update.

 → This issue has been fixed during the 2/4 (Thu) Update.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

We will provide you with updates to this issue via this notice.


Thank you!


  • BESTWhat you never heard of the ML 5 Star Carrot?

    2021.01.22 05:33 (UTC+0)
  • BESTReading is hard for some people - you can clear ONLY ONE difficulty per 2 week period.

    2021.01.22 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • There is also a bug with the Mystic Summon pulls. One of my rolls was a purple book glow (which should be 4-5 ML) but ended up being Carrot. That's my 1st time seeing that.

    2021.01.22 05:08 (UTC+0)
    • What you never heard of the ML 5 Star Carrot?

      2021.01.22 05:33 (UTC+0)
    • I think this happens during 10pulls , where you see a glow if you got 4-5star in the 10 .. but it still gives you  heroes in the order you pulled them . (basically if your 4th hero was ml4 and all the rest were 3stars u would see 4 purple glows until u get the ml4)

      2021.01.22 11:56 (UTC+0)
  • Will it always be like this? I mean clearing floor 1 and then waiting 2 weeks to do floor 2 and another 2 for floor 3 and so on, not only u get less , but you released a fine piece of content only to limit it at 5 minutes every 2 weeks? xd (FYI I meet all conditions for all floors. and after finishing floor 1 i can t enter again cause it says conquered). Hope it s just for those 9 days for the global incident or it s a nerf for the best content u released in a long time.

    2021.01.22 06:54 (UTC+0)
    • AndreiYou can do the hardest floor from the beginning.  Also this definitely isn't 5 min of content. Maybe 1 hour or 2 max. It's about the same as the old tower.

      2021.01.22 12:56 (UTC+0)
    • You can start at the higher levels if you met the requirements in abyss. And no this is better because you get more out of it regardless. Getting some gold is lame when you can easily get that in hunt (if you’re good). Boosters are better since those are random for the most part. Getting 8 transmit, if you do level 3 or 4, within a month is better because its equivalent to getting 5 galaxy bookmarks and an extra 2 gold transmit. 

      2021.01.22 19:16 (UTC+0)
  • Also noticed an issue where archdemon's shadow does not produce voice lines. Tested across multiple locationa in game and across multiple devices/accounts. Playing game with japanese audio if that makes difference.

    2021.01.22 07:31 (UTC+0)
  • There's also a bug I usually get with Mort. Enemy resists s1 debuff, mostly if Mort counters.

    2021.01.22 07:42 (UTC+0)
  • I noticed a bug where I got MVP in Guild Wars with Archdemon Mercedes as my rep, but instead of showing my rep, it showed a silhouette of another character (I think Ras)

    2021.01.22 08:10 (UTC+0)
  • Yeah I have a bug, I summoned like twice on ml banner and haven't gotten her yet, please fix ty.

    2021.01.22 08:12 (UTC+0)
  • The only known issue here is that I can't enter automaton tower lvl 2 after completing lvl 1, what the hell is this crap?

    2021.01.22 08:35 (UTC+0)
    • Aenestellamaybe like this, u can only finish every floor once, so 25 floor only once, but the difficulty of the floor u can change it, maybe 3 maximum, I forgot, and the reward given per floor, depends which difficulty u chose. that's your reward for that floor

      2021.01.22 11:09 (UTC+0)
    • AenestellaIts common sense they wont give you 16 mola per month from tower only when 9 mola pack cost $100 ....

      2021.01.22 11:42 (UTC+0)
  • It seems to me or the wolves now costs more to level up? 

    2021.01.22 15:51 (UTC+0)
  • I got disconnected in the middle of selecting my device for auto tower, and when I got reconnected, the battle screen was empty, and I could not exit. I hit yield and it said "you cannot leave", same with try again, and when I tried to hit settings to report the issue, I got "cannot open settings menu now" 

    Also experiencing connection issues when trying to switch chat channels (whether the number, or from guild to global)

    2021.01.22 16:15 (UTC+0)
  • The updated Automaton Tower heavily favored single target dps, considering that they're planning to nerf the single target thief class Device.

    I find that those "increases ___ at the start of the hero's turn and stacks" devices to be counterintuitve when enemy speed and attack stack after every turn.

    Well, thanks for that, I'll turn to DoT and detonation Devices when I get the chance to choose them.

    2021.01.22 23:02 (UTC+0)

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