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[GLOBAL] Wasshoi Recruiting

RANK70 LadyVraelia[LadyVraelia] 2021.03.07 00:18 (UTC+0)조회수 80

Guild - Wasshoi
Server - GLOBAL
Level - 20
Members - 26/30

Wasshoi is a top 800 (Glorious Guardian x5 rewards) APAC-based (GMT+11) guild, we're relaxed and laid back, but we get the job done.

We are looking for afew new active members to fill the ranks and participate in future seasons of guild wars and content!

We're a friendly FFXIV community of like minded individuals who like playing multi games/gachas.

We've been around since the beginning of Global and will continue to be around.

Discord info by request.


• At least rank 50
• Master V or higher
• Be active and be friendly
• Donate daily.
• Aid fellow guild members
• GW Defence Teams set up and active
• World Boss Teams set up and active
• Share Expeditions with Guild Members

Guild buffs up 24/7 + Bonus energy per day. Guild Supply Chest given when accessible.
Providing a positive atmosphere in which you can be comfortable, and feel at ease.

Message the leader if you're interested Borgey#4821 or me Vraelia#0779 or inquire in game.

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