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[GLOBAL] Guild Honkai Looking for Fresh Meat!

RANK1 TacoBurrito1[TacoBurrito] 2021.03.07 17:55 (UTC+0)조회수 61

Hungry Weebs looking for fresh meat
Server: Global
Level 20
PvP: Champion preferred
Prefer rank 70
Members: 29/30

Just trying to meme with some guildies while using up all 3 gw tix
Where we generally hang out: 150 ish below above depending on matchups
Current rank: Ended Last season around 80 or so.
This is a GVG slot even though 29 members not bench
Looking for someone fun and wanting to have a good time


-be active in discord for guild war communication
-Preferably discord social active not requirement but we need memes
-participation in guild war win or lose, use all tix
-capable of challenger level fights and higher
-aid hunt mats or greater runes for arty exp
-likes donuts


-gw rewards x5
-buffs are up at all times
-casual play with really active guildies
-50 daily guild energy and weekly chest
-not strict we just ask you to participate :slight_smile:
-Tons of emotes and emoji artist for a cultured community. Optional additional servers for nitros.

Guild Discord: (must join for communication) discord is required for recruitment
want to know more? Hit us up on discord! GG and good luck heirs!!

Reach out to Meatyburritto#3840 if you need to contact personally on discord

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