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Nineveh Recruiting

RANK70 Nignificent[STOVE128570241] 2021.03.08 03:37 (UTC+0)조회수 51

Nineveh: is Looking for like-minded 'Motorboaters'

We are: A diverse, friendly, light-hearted, hyperactive, & mature discord community of professionals that welcomes visitors, guests, & guild applicants/members alike!  We joke, relax, meme, weeb or bewb-out & Motorboat in game when the time calls for it.

A Judgement/Ridicule free environment for guild and nonguild members alike: We aspire to grow together as a community not alone as individuals. Be passionate about E7, channel your inner pervert & bring a sense of humour to the conversation.

Guild: Global
Demographic 18+
Top 100 GW past 3 seasons - Peaked #7
WB Rank: Top 200
Zones: GMT, AEDT, GMT+4, PST, GMT-3
Buffs: 24/7, daily 50 Stam, & Weekly Guild Chest, Level 3 Expeditions
Easter Eggs: Homemade E7 Emotes, Yufine & Carrot Bots.
Member specific private channels to foster growth & achieve individual goals

Mandatory Guild Requirements: - We invite you to grow with us.

Discord is a must.
Waifu Rep Rank 65+, Hunt 12s+, Hellraid, Expeditions 2+
GW centric direction & development
Use 3/3 actions per GW & 6/6 actions per WB cycle & do so before maintenance on days server is expected to be taken offline.

Scouting is only mandatory for keeps & Stronghold | Optional for Preseason.

Answer the few questions we have for you when you join.


Be naughty, do your best, & if you get spanked, 'learn' from it.

How far does the rabbit hole go you ask? Join our discord server to find out for yourself.

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