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[New/Returning Heir Tip] Wisd85 / Global / 10 beginner tips

RANK23 wisd85[STOVE104107094] 2021.05.31 15:07 (UTC+0)조회수 52
  1. Enjoy the game and don't be too competitive. The game feels best when you have no pressure playing it especially when luck is not on your side.
  2. Play game mode based on what you need. Unlike other games there is no straight forward XP, gold, etc dungeon. 
    1. Play hunt -> To get gear and gold
    2. Play Unrecorded story mode -> get XP, catalyst items and items/charms to upgrade gear
    3. Spirit Mode -> To get elemental runes
  3. Always keep at least 1 copy of a hero. Even if the hero is bad now, he/she might be buff in the future
  4. Complete all adventure path and use the free gear for a good start.
  5. At the start of the game try to get a unit that kill fast to farm. Someone that can AOE dps consistently. Free Spirit Tiara is a great free unit for this.
  6. Try to get at least challenger rank in PVP got good weekly premium currency. You can keep refreshing to get easy opponent and slowly climb.
  7. Don't be dishearted by the lack of 5 stars at the start. Many 3 and 4 star heroes are very good. Many units have its purpose.
  8. At end game gear is more important than character. 
  9. Don't simply use mola to upgrade character skill. They are time limited resources so only use on units that you really like and use a lot.
  10. Remember point number 1. If you are being try hard then you will most likely get frustrated when RNG goes against you and this game has a lot of RNG in summons, gear upgrade and combat.

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