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[New/Returning Heir Tip] アレックス / Asia / New Player Tips [3]

RANK70 アレックス[Arekusu] 2021.05.31 18:58 (UTC+0)조회수 611

Hello, I'm アレックス which translates to Alex. I'm playing this game for 2 years and I admit, I made a lot of mistakes when I was a newbie. So, I'm writing these tips in order to help you progress the game faster while saving a lot of important resources like charms and molas.

~New Player Tip #1; Finish the story up to Episode 1, Chapter 1-10, in order to unlock the game function called "Selective Summon". This function will let you do Thirty 10-pulls of mixed units and artifacts. A 5* unit is guaranteed every 1st/10th/20th/30th summons. This will help you to progress further in the game. 

Here are my tier list for the selective summon in case you don't know what unit you should pick. I divided this list into 4 tiers.

(Please take note that this is my personal opinion and based this throughout my playtime in Epic Seven)

>S Tier Selective 5* Units:

  • Sigret (Type: Ice, Class: Warrior) - This unit will help you clear Wyvern Hunt stages. Almost every player in the game use Sigret as their main Damage Dealer in wyvern and you want to push up to Wyvern 13 or even Wyvern 11 as fast as you can because that is where you can get "Speed" gears. I personally recommend her so that you can build a Wyvern Team that will help you as you progress further into the game. 
  • Ravi (Type: Fire, Class: Warrior) - Ravi is good on almost all content. You can use her on clearing stories, tanking some abyss stages and you can use her on PVP where she shines best! Ravi have a lifesteal on her s1 that helps her self-sustain which makes her a good tank in PVE.

>A Tier Selective 5* Units:

  • Vildred (Type: Earth, Class: Thief) - Vildred is one of the best farmer and dog walker in game, but I put him in A tier because you can get "Free Spirit Tieria" after finishing Chapter 2 of Episode 1. She doesn't have an "Elemental Disadvantage" over other units in game unlike Vildred which makes him A Tier. He is still good in other contents like Banshee Hunt and in PVP for a cleave team and also he have a Speed Imprint which is rare in the game.
  • Iseria (Type: Earth, Class: Thief) - Iseria is good on almost every content like abyss but I don't recommend starting with her because she is more of a support unit. But overall, she is a good unit, especially when paired into a Dark Corvus or Tamarine.
  • Chloe (Type: Ice, Class: Warrior) - She can be a substitute for Sigret. That's all I can think of. Her Magic Nail helps a lot in clearing wyvern too.
  • Basar (Type: Earth, Class: Mage) - Basar is good in early - mid game PVP so if you are a competitive player, you can choose him and start crushing the Arena!
  • Ken (Type: Fire, Class: Warrior) - Ken is also good in clearing stories and early abyss stages, you can also use him fore Golem Hunts but I don't recommend grinding it unless they buff the gears that you can get in Golem Hunt. His damage scales on his hp so you can use those free health set gears for him early in the game.

>B Tier Selective 5* Units:

  • Sez (Type: Ice, Class: Thief) - Sez is also a good farmer if you have good gears, He used to be so good that I can easily put him in S tier but he fall off and there are other units that can do his job better, some players still use him in PVP for the "Sez Bomb". Overall, he is still a good unit but there are still better options.
  • Tywin (Type: Ice, Class: Knight) - Despite falling off the current PvP, Tywin is still a good unit because of his Defense Break and Buffs for allies, You can use him in early PvP and some stages in abyss and even in Wyvern hunt to def break.
  • Ludwig (Type: Earth, Class: Mage) - Ludwig can be use in Banshee and in PVP to cleave your way to a higher rank. You can also bring him in some abyss stages.
  • Charlotte (Type: Fire, Class: Warrior) - Charlotte can also be use in early PVP and inclearing story stages as long as she have a buff in order for her to AoE.

>C Tier Selective 5* Units: 

  • Destina (Type: Earth, Class: Soul Weaver) - Destina is the only 5* Soul Weaver that you can get in the selective, She is actually good for mid - end game players, but she is not a good unit to start off. There are other better options in this list and that's why I put her in C tier.
  • Aramintha (Type: Fire, Class: Mage) - I can't think of anything Aramintha can be useful, maybe she can help clearing story stages and other abyss stages but other than that. there are a lot of better units than her like Sez and Ludwig.

>D Tier Selective 5* Units:

  • Baal and Sezan (Type: Fire, Class: Mage) - He is really not useful for new players. Only times that I see him being used is in Green Expedition, other than that, they feed him to Sage Baal (His Moonlight Version)

Again, this list is my personal preferences to give you some clue on who to get. But, you can still choose anyone you want, it will slow your progress but it will not stop you from having fun in playing the game!


~New Player Tip #2Push Wyvern stages as fast as you can so that you can get better gears and better gear forging materials. 

Also, other useful hunts to grind are Banshee and Azimanak where you can get Counter, Lifesteal, and Immunity Gear Sets.

Same thing with the abyss, push through higher floor in order to get better purification rewards in case you get stuck on a certain floor.

~New Player Tip #3Do not use your charms to upgrade gears that are lower than level 75. Do not also use your "MolaGora" on units that you are in doubt of building or investing.

~New Player Tip #4Always save your bookmarks! Do not pull on Hero Banners that you won't use and as much as possible, if there are news that a new limited unit is coming, save as much Bookmarks as you can! You never know if RNG is on your side so it is always be safe than sorry!

~New Player Tip #5Join an active guild! Joining an active guild will give you a lot of benefits such as Gold and Battle Experience buffs, access to the Guild Shop where you can buy Guild Artifacts, MolaGora Seeds, Lesser Artifact charms and more!

You can also participate in Guild War where you can get Mystic Medals as a reward!

~New Player Tip #6Ask for help in the game chat! You can add veteran players and use their Supporters for story stages, it will help you progress faster! And you will even have a new friend!

If you are on Asia Server, go to Chat Server #2 so that we can help you!

~New Player Tip #7Join events on different platforms! Epic Seven always have events in Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and even here in Stove!

Stock up those leifs! So that you can refill your energy whenever you need to do some farming!

~New Player Tip #8Rush your way up to Account Rank 25 so that you can unlock the Pet System!

Pet System will help you a lot especially the auto repeat of stage battles! Not to mention the bonus feature of pet stats such as doubling the Hunt Material Drops!

~New Player Tip #9Last but not the least tip! Always enjoy the game! Don't forget to have fun! It doesn't matter if you are just playing to collect your waifus or husbandos, or you are playing to compete and climb the rank ladder! Always enjoy the game! Invite your friends so you can do some mock battle when you reach Account Rank 65! 

That's all the tips that I can give you! I won't be including the Moonlight Connection Tips because I don't own them all and I don't want to assume if they are useless or hard to build just by basing on other player's experience.

See you in the game fellow Heirs! 

  • This is nearly a year old & no comment? on top of being pinned?

    Tips are very straight-foward, easy to understand.

    And most importantly mentioned, 'have fun', oh yeah, with emotes & all the stuff, also, this had to take quite the dedication & time to write ahaha

    2022.04.01 20:51 (UTC+0)
  • Awesome tips, 👌 Very helpful.

    2022.05.02 22:15 (UTC+0)
  • Thank you! I can't directly reply to your comments but it made my days complete. I'll do my best if there's another event like this in the future.

    2022.05.07 01:56 (UTC+0)

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