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[New/Returning Heir Tip] Jabbloo/Global/How To Enjoy Your Stay In Orbis!

RANK70 Jabbloo[Jabbloo] 2021.06.13 15:38 (UTC+0)조회수 301

1. Find a favourite character. From handsome men to cute girls, to even furries— there’s someone for everyone in this game! Use the Hero Journal to preview all of the heroes available. You will enjoy the game more if you have some favourites. (*Bonus if you can get your favourite hero in the selective summon!) I personally continued playing this game because I wanted my favourite unit to get stronger and stronger, which lead to me building more units to support him. Love for the characters tends to snowball in this game.

2. Feel free to use guides, BUT don’t be afraid to take it easy and just enjoy the game for what it is. Many different resources will tell you to do x and y before anything else. However, rushing to do content you don’t understand the value of can take the enjoyment out of the game. I humbly advise you enjoy the game at your own pace and take the time to figure things out; see if you enjoy the story and lore, or maybe you like winning in arena... Epic Seven is built with love and there’s lots of modes to explore, so take the time to discover what you like about the game. Once you get stuck somewhere, then you should look at guides.

3. Save your resources! This applies to gold, skystones, molagora, bookmarks, liefs... This is a game that rewards you for being patient. You can easily be F2P if you are willing to hold onto your resources until you want to use them most. If your heart isn’t at least 80% set on spending, don’t do it!

4. Remember that your account will only grow with time. Getting more lovely gear and building more lovely characters will only pave the way for you to make even more lovely gear and lovely characters. As your playtime grows, so too will your roster. However, remember that since this is a mobile game, there’s no actual rush to progress your account. Whether your progress occurs quickly or slowly is up to you, so have fun with it!

5. Don’t be a sheep! There are a lot of common and loud opinions out there, and lots of people will try to enforce the idea that there is a certain way to play the game or build teams. Learn the mechanics of your favourite characters, lose a little, win some, and enjoy the experience of the game. The best way to play this game is to play it your way— and because this game encourages the creativity of it’s players, who knows? Maybe your team builds can be the next meta.

Thanks for reading! 

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