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How to Register Coupons in Epic Seven

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Players can register their coupons using the two methods shown below. 


1. In-Game Coupon Registration

- Eligible Players: All Heirs with Android devices

- How to Register Coupons

  Players can enter their coupons by going to [Lobby > Notices & Event > Event > EVENT NEWS] and tapping the [COUPON] button on the top right corner.


-  After tapping the Coupon button, players can then enter their coupon in the space provided. 

2. Coupon Registration on the Web Page

- Eligible players: All players who use Android or iOS devices.

- How to Register Coupons

    Go to the [Epic Seven Coupon Page].

    Accurately input the following info; Server / Membership Number / Nickname / Coupon Code

    Tap the [Submit] button and the item will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.


 Please Note

   - Please make sure to correctly input your membership number.

   - Please note that the Account No in the Settings is different from the Membership Number. To find your membership number go to Account Settings > Account Management and check your Stove membership number in order to 

register the coupon.

      Settings > Account Settings > Account Management


      Check your Membership No. on the top right corner.


   - We cannot assist you if you input the wrong membership number. Please check your membership number to avoid any mistakes.

   - The items will be sent to your in-game mailbox and will have an expiry date. Make sure to collect them before they expire.

   - Players cannot use items after their expiration date.

   - You cannot re-use the same coupon after it has been used.

   - When attempting to enter server-specific coupons, usage restrictions may apply.

   - Some coupons may have usage restrictions and a limited period of validity.


Thank you.


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