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why is it that they still havent removed this........ [15]

PonP5 2021.08.23 03:13 (UTC+0)조회수 306

Not only they dont listen for the complaints of the players about how bad the 15% innate complete resistance is in both pvp and pve, pve would be something much easy to resolve on the matter, but the topic that we are going to discuss in this post is something related in a way to that, and that is the super ineffective and unreliable soulburn that makes your debuff to land at 100%, that thing not only isnt that great compared to other soulburns, but at the same time unreliable since the 15% innate complete resistance is taking into account when doing this still could you believe, so while other soulburns works like they need to, this thing could make you waste souls for nothing, because they didnt still make this soulburn to atleast ignore that 15%.

What do you guys think about this, isnt it true what im saying, plus why do you think this isnt changed still to this day?

PD: read the topic carefully before commenting, so you dont begin commenting something not related about the main topic, thanks.

  • The main reason that they can't remove the innate 15% resistance chance is because if they did then within just a couple of hours their would be a massive outcry from the Community mainly the PvP subset that suddenly find Stun/Sleep/Provoke Lock totally oppressive.

    Control Style play is usually very unfun to play against but at least that 15% Fail chance does prevent it being a reliable tactic in all situations just like how cleave can fail is you are out-sped, interrupted or endured/countered.

    It would be possible to remove it from PvE content but just as it hinders the debuffs we try to land it does also benefit us with out resistance to the monsters skills. And actually having something be subject to a slight variance does keep things at least a little interesting. While frustration is not the best of feelings it does make things more interesting and few things kill a game faster than bordom.

    2021.08.23 06:47 (UTC+0)
  • Long story short, they won’t do anything about it, and said so themselves. Quote :

    10. Absolute Resistance

    - Questions Regarding the Removal of Absolute Resistance in PvE Content

    All Heroes, Artifacts, and Monster Battle Balance are designed upon Absolute Resistance. Thus, if we happen to remove  this factor, the game balance as a whole will need to be adjusted. The removal of Absolute Resistance and shifting the    game design itself, therefore, is not feasible. For instance, assuming variances resulting from Absolute Resistance can cause stress on our Heirs, we designed Epic Seven not to consume Energy upon defeat.

    As such, Absolute Resistance functions as an underlying function in Epic Seven. We are sorry that we cannot take any action to Absolute Resistance despite our Heirs’ opinions. We kindly ask for our Heirs’ understanding.

    2021.08.23 07:47 (UTC+0)
  • Soulburn that says it "ignores resistance" also ignores innate resistance. Try soulburning with Flury. Issue is Debuffs chance. Flurys debuffs chance is 100% so soulburning should always land unless enemy has evasion. Now look at C. Zerato, even though he has soulburn that ignores resistance his ability only has 75% chance of landing debuff, meaning 25% of the time you will just be wasting souls.

    Edit: I forgot which character had increases debuff chance to 100% on their soul burn, but I think it was stated early on that character had a useless soul burn by the community. They will most likely change it to ignores effect resistance and pass it off as a "buff."

    2021.08.23 13:06 (UTC+0)
  • The simple solution would be to add "ignores effect resistance" to any soulburn that also 100% your debuff attempt.

    2021.08.29 19:14 (UTC+0)

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