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[Abyss] [Europe / Sephir0th / 102]

RANK70 Sephir0th[STOVE119204223] 2021.10.12 14:38 (UTC+0)조회수 227

Floor 102 was actually very fun for me, as i just recently build my All-Rounder Wanda and wanted to try her out. For this floor I recommend Schuri on Bloodstone as fast CR Pusher/Healer with Kiris and All-Rounder Wanda as the main squad. In the front row you can use any knight/ high hp unit with some kind of cc on his/her S1.Kiris and Wanda are both 3* units, what makes them easy to aquire. Wanda needs a little bit of investment tho ( for her specialty change ). Schuri should also not be a problem. The only thing that is kind of a hassle is that your Kiris needs to have ATLEAST 180% effectivness to land consistent poison because of Celine's passive. 

For Phase 1 you want to attack Hazel unitl Rikoris gives everyone Skill Nullifier. With Wanda you want to S3 the Robot everytime he is not cc'd because he hits really hard. With Kiris you only attack Rikoris to debuff him with the poison. You repeat this until you kill Rikoris ( bonus points if you manage to give your team Skill Nullifier before he dies). 

Phase 2 

Celine has different Stances according to the number of times you hit her. This Stance triggers when you activate a non-attack skill ( such as Healing or Kiris her Ultimate)  

Stance 1:   She hits the target with the highest attack

Stance 2:   She hits a random target

Stance 3:   She hits the target with the highest HP

You always want to activate Kiris her Ultimate when she is on her Stance 3 to secure that your tank in the front will get hit. 

In the start of the battle you want to cc the 2 robots that are behind her and try to stun-lock them because else, they will do some dirty things to mess up your run. With Schuri and Kiris you want to hit Celine for the poison proc, Wanda can hit the robots to push them back to prolong the cc and your Knight can also try to cc the robots with his/her S1 and provide further utilty for your team, eg. Krau his S2 for the Defense buff. Try to save your souls for her second Phase to Arky your way through ( second phase starts at 40% hp ). She starts to go on a rampage and her Robots will cleanse themselves and will be provided some un-strippable buffs, but at this point you can ignore them and purely focus on killing Celine with poison and Arky. 

Simple Strategy, 

- keep the Robots cc'd if possible

- only activate Kiris ultimate on Celine's Stance 3 

- Attack Celine with Schuri and Kiris to proc poison

- save your souls for her second phase to arky her down

Thats about it, and like I said, this Floor was really one of the, if not the most, Fun Abyss Stage for me. 

A lot of people complain that this Stage is heavenly rng and that it needs to be nerfed but i dont think thats the case.

Good luck all, may smilegate be with you.

Kind regards, your Sephir0th.


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