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Ran [17]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2021.10.13 10:10 (UTC+0)조회수 4050
  • BESTGalesAll they have to do is limit it to 1 per team. Not even needed to recall for that, coz you still need two at all times for GW if nothing else. Easy solution that doesnt completely obliterate it, but no more 6 souls Stene/ATywin circus.of pain.

    2021.10.13 10:30 (UTC+0)
  • BESTTbf his arti is poor man's belian. They really hate tagahel but doesn't want to nerf it huh..

    2021.10.13 10:22 (UTC+0)
  • As if Belian's no soul passive isn't hard crippling already, and then there's another arti that outright taking out 15 soul, nice.

    2021.10.13 10:14 (UTC+0)
    • Naah u need Max this arti to be 100% so if u dont super whale for it is not worth at all and there is so many better artis for use potion to max limit break it.

      2021.10.13 10:37 (UTC+0)
    • CichyDusicThe point isn't it's hard investment or not, it's that they still don't stop when they already released a hero that's literally a hard counter to Soul Burn, as if they really really hate people play Tagehel or something which we already get it and yet what we don't get is why they don't hit Tagehel instead

      2021.10.13 10:40 (UTC+0)
  • I had a hunch about his class and statline which aren't my style, but he'll be nice to have in my collection. I'm just glad we FINALLY got confirmation about the next Specialty Change release.

    2021.10.13 10:25 (UTC+0)
    • epic7#u4flo8I hope Pyllis isn't overshadowed by Ras and Kluri's utlity. Or that she doesn't turn into the designated Light ezpo slave and gain a similar effect to what Doris has against dark units.

      Pyllis is for sure gonna be a nice asset for turn-2 players since her default kit is made to tank.

      2021.10.13 10:47 (UTC+0)
    • Harmonia96Well to be fair, I love my Doris. Despite what people feared at first with her SC she is super useful considering there are dark units everywhere, and her kit was already solid before and the SC simply made her better.

      Pyllis unfortunately is lack luster in her current form and being 3* with low stats doesnt help it much either. She is one of my favorite units (I just really like how she looks and her personality is pretty nice as well) so I hope that SC is a good one. Especially since its the first one after half a year. They better not drop ball on this one T__T

      2021.10.13 11:23 (UTC+0)
  • nice eff res imprint

    2021.10.13 10:26 (UTC+0)
  •  Looks pretty good (visually). But in terms of gameplay, this unit is not for me. Of course, tests will show, but most likely it will be playable as an opener for a cleave or possibly a control. In addition, in the current meta there are units (Violet, Rem, AoLA, etc.) against which it will be difficult for him. And the requirements for his gear (opener) will be quite high. So I'll wait for the reviews, but I'll probably skip this character.

     I was much more interested in Zahhak, who appears in the history of this hero. Also, I think it would be interesting if Ran used different swords. Something like stances, or simply each skill is a different sword. For example, attacking with a red sword would use a fire element.

    2021.10.13 11:18 (UTC+0)
  • Another cleave opener......just what we needed..... 

    2021.10.13 12:36 (UTC+0)
    • GalesI am hoping you are right but the fact he has a soul burn that ignores er with the Defense Down debuff and Stigma and to top it off he gains skill nullifer too. So I see a resurgence of A.Tywin returning to stop him

      2021.10.13 16:44 (UTC+0)
    • SuperPrinnyWelp just give people time to test him out, maybe he just going to be speed pick for current meta team like Cerise did before :x

      2021.10.13 17:12 (UTC+0)
  • Nice work, thanks!

    2021.10.14 00:11 (UTC+0)

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