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[Abyss] [Global / owomi / 115]

RANK70 owomi[STOVE126146581] 2021.10.14 06:35 (UTC+0)조회수 12

This team makes it pretty simple if you build it properly, slow rage set on specter tenebria. For the first wave, stack up souls to max so after you kill the mushroom for the 4th time, you'll go to wave 2 with 6 souls total. 

On the second wave, constantly soul burn aras s2 into little queen charlotte. The closer she is on the combat readiness bar to 100% the more damage she will take. So, if you see her defense broken at high CR and it is specter's turn, then you can attempt to blast her into oblivion! 

(Reset if bad rng on adventurer ras's defense breaks)

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