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[Abyss] [Global / Exia44 / Floor 109]

RANK70 Exia44[STOVE124156239] 2021.10.16 17:26 (UTC+0)조회수 57

I used ARas, Roana (in front), Taranor guard (6 star with rage set) and Kitty (as fast as possible 250+).

Wave 1

A lot of RNG getting past wave 1 since the black gargoyle can random put counter when hit at 20%. Just repeat until you get a good run. It's a race against time since his damage stacks as the battles go longer.

Wave 2

This battle is race against time since the mushroom will explode after more than 3 turns.

Keep focusing Sinful Angelica until she reaches 0 hp.

Keep soul burning on ARas so he can keep his s2 active for duel attacking.

Keep going until Sinful angelica gets 5x skill nullifier.

Continue breaking it down via dual attacks until it disappears.

If she still has skill nullifier when she takes her turn, then your team will wipe instantly.

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