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[New/Returning Heir Tip] Good PVE team?

RANK49 Waxford[STOVE97087839] 2021.11.18 10:49 (UTC+0)조회수 140

Hello. Returning player here. After a long absence I am back and want to play again. I still have some leftover gear from the old days+ new returning player event gear. Now am trying to make a team and catch up with the story. Yeah, don't care about pvp that much. While gear **** is still free, I would rather take advantage of that now. So yeah, help me make a team. My units are: A Vildred (moonlight blessing choice, but lots of work needed to make him permanent), Tamarine, Luna, Ravi, Free Spirit Tiera, Krau, Silk, Clarissa, Lidica, Lorina, Milim, Baiken, Karin, Rin... And that's about it. Have some more 3 stars that I didn't invest in, but the ones above are all at least lvl 50. My abyss progress was stuck at floor 62, but not aiming for that at this point. Just story. So yeah. What can I run for easy story, events and just having fun?

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