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[Maintenance] 11/25 (Thu) Maintenance Notice [4]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2021.11.24 10:31 (UTC+0)조회수 30443

Hello, Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel.


We would like to inform you that we will have an update on 11/25 (Thu).

Please see below for more details.


■ 11/25 (Thu) Maintenance Notice

1. Schedule: 11/25 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 09:00 UTC

2. Details:

- Episode 4, Chapter 2 - Shadow Mountain

- Three New Exclusive Equipment Added

- New 5 Hero, Zahhak

- New Artifact, Pure White Trust

- New Side Story - The Price of the Past

- Zahhak & Pure White Trust Drop Rate Up!

- Flan & Unseen Observer Drop Rate Up!

- Coin Shop Item List Renewal

- Other Improvements and Adjustments


 Please Note

- Update details and times are subject to change. In this case, additional announcements will be made through this notice.

- Please log out of your game before the maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

- Players will not be able to access Epic Seven during the update.



Thank you for your patience.

We hope that you will enjoy this update!


Thank you.

  • Finding arky web event is not working, arky got stucked

    edit: its good now i did a relog. thanks

    2021.11.24 12:00 (UTC+0)
  •  give us an exciting Christmas

    2021.11.25 06:28 (UTC+0)
  • So uh when 5 star selector ticket??

    2021.11.25 07:44 (UTC+0)
  • Can you please put a decent gear on crafting, just like a pity pull on hero we really need a decent gear on inorder to progress in those super hard stages, please i have plenty of ml and mostly broken heroes but im super unlucky on gear rolls spending 500k+ wyvern mats on craft and only 1 is useful the rest is trash.

    2021.11.25 08:59 (UTC+0)

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