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[Update] 11/25 (Thu) Update Notice (Added) [36]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2021.11.24 10:31 (UTC+0)조회수 51617

- Additional information regarding the issue with the skill <Earthen Rage> of the 4★ Hero Champion Zerato has been added.

Hello, Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel.


Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to view this update after the maintenance on Thursday, November 25.




1. Episode 4, Chapter 2 - Shadow Mountain


Adin and Taeyou lose their shrine families because of Zahhak. 

Shocked after realizing that she is awakened, Adin urgently heads to Shadow Mountain without a moment to calm herself down to avoid being traced by the Theranhad army. 

Adin and Taeyou arrive at Shadow Mountain and tell the others that the mountain is a forbidden place of Wicked, which had disappeared a long time ago. However, the group decides to go deep into the mountains having nowhere else to go.


Dive into the story and see how Ras and others' adventures unfold as they face the Wicked! Episode 4, chapter 2, Shadow Mountain will be released.


■ Shadow Mountain

[How to Enter]

- Complete stage 1-10. Determination Shrine in Episode 4 Chapter 1.


[Map Layout]

- Chapter 2, Shadow Mountain, consists of 10 main stages including Labyrinth type stages and 6 optional stages.



- Chapter 2, Shadow Mountain, has a total of 10 Quests that players will be able to complete.

- After clearing all 10 Quests in the chapter, players will receive a 4 Artifact Summon Ticket.


■ Shadow Mountain - AP Exchange

- Clearing stages in Shadow Mountain will grant the player AP which can be used in this area’s AP Exchange.

- Shadow Mountain AP does not provide stories.


[How to Open]

Complete stage 2-10. Top Head Border


[How to Use]

- Players can receive AP in Shadow Mountain and exchange their AP for items in the AP Exchange.

- There is a limit to the number of times players can purchase certain items in the Exchange Shop.


■ Awakened Adin

- Clearing stage 2-10. Top Head Border in Shadow Mountain will unlock missions for Awakened Adin in Chapter 2.

- Clearing all missions in Chapter 2 will award players Adin's Secret Scroll.


■ Story Journal

- Chapter 2, Missed Encounter will be added to Story Journal > Episode 4.

- The background "Fire-Fallow Village" will be awarded for completing Episode 4, Chapter 2.



2. Three New Exclusive Equipment Added


New Exclusive Equipment for the 5 Heroes, Alencia and Ilynav, and the 4 Hero, Free Spirit Tieria will be added to the Hall of Trials Exchange.

Players can obtain Exclusive Equipment from the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze.

Exclusive Equipment stats and skill effects will be applied randomly after the equipment has been purchased.



■ Exclusive Equipment Information

[5 Alencia]


[5 Ilynav]


[4 Free Spirit Tieria]

■ Cost


■ The Exclusive Equipment of the 5 Heroes, Senya, Vildred, and the 4 Hero Karin will be added to the Alchemist's Steeple.



3. New 5 Hero, Zahhak


A high-ranking official who has been serving the emperors of Theranhad for generations.

He is shrouded in mystery as he only appears when something that might affect the empire's future occurs.

He is often addressed as the imperial guardian as when he appears, he always brings the most perfect plans to resolve the problems within the empire. Meet the empire's savior, Zahhak who will be available in Covenant Summon.


■ Zahhak

[Hero Introduction]


[Skill Introduction]


4. New Artifact, Pure White Trust


■ New Warrior-exclusive Artifact, 5 Pure White Trust


 The new Artifact Pure White Trust will be available from Zahhak & Pure White Trust Drop Rate Up, Covenant Summon, or by using Summon Tickets.



5. New Side Story - The Price of the Past


In order to check the harbor located in the south of Theranhad, Zahhak seeks Yoonryoung who is in charge of security in the south.

While taking a look around with Yoonryoung, Zahhak recalls the past that he did not want to remember...


■ Schedule

11/25 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 12/9 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


■ How to Enter

After clearing Episode 1 Chapter 10-10. Shrieking Hall, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].


■ Story Progress

'The Price of the Past' is a two-week side story.

Clear side story stages, achievements, quests, and obtain event currency that can be exchanged for items.


* Urgent Missions may occur while playing the side story.

* In the side story area 2 Monsters and catalysts can be acquired. Please check "Region Info."  Please see more at "Region Info"


[Event Currency]



[South Harbor Entrance Pass]

A pass that grants the owner the right to access South Harbor in Theranhad. 

Only a privileged few are granted this right.


[Enhanced Heroes]




Lead Hero Buffs

Lv. 60 / Awakened to 6 / +15 Enhanced Skills

Attack, Health – 30% Increase


* Enhanced heroes will have increased stats in the side story stages.


[Stage Difficulty]

- Players can choose various difficulties on stage [7. Hospitality Dock].

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

- As the difficulty progresses the amount of energy needed to play will increase as well as the amount of event currency earned.

- Hell difficulty can be played up to 5 times during the side story period.


[MolaGora Habitat]

- Completing stage [10. Pebble Cape Trail] will unlock S. MolaGora Habitat.

- Players will be able to complete S. MolaGora Habitat once during the period.


[Goblin's Den]

- Completing stage [10. Pebble Cape Trail] will unlock S. Goblin's Den.

- Players can complete the S. Goblin's Den stage once during the Side Story period.



- Players will be able to exchange the event currency, South Harbor Entrance Pass, for items in the Exchange.

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. Unused event currency after that period will then be deleted.



6. Zahhak & Pure White Trust Drop Rate Up


In this Drop Rate Up, meet Zahhak, an Earth elemental Warrior capable of inflicting injuries to enemies with high max Health. Players can also obtain Pure White Trust, a Warrior-exclusive Artifact that increases the caster's Speed and Critical Hit Damage of the next attack after using a non-attack skill. 


■ Schedule

11/25 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 12/9 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

7. Flan & Unseen Observer Drop Rate Up


In this Drop Rate Up, meet Flan, an Ice elemental Ranger capable of decreasing Defense of all enemies, and Unseen Observer, a Ranger-exclusive Artifact that is useful for Rangers who have non-attack skills. 


■ Schedule

11/25 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 12/2 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


9. Coin Shop Item List Renewal


The purchase limit for items in the Covenant and Galaxy Coin Shops will reset and there will be a rotation for the Heroes sold in each shop.

The Coin Shop resets on the first of every month at 03:00 UTC.


■ Schedule

12/1 (Wed) 03:00 UTC


■ Reset Details

1. The purchase limit for items in the Coin Shop will reset.

2. The refresh limit for Lv. 85 Epic Equipment/Accessories will reset.

3. Covenant Coin Shop: Two 5 Covenant Hero rotation (Fire, Ice, Earth)


4. Galaxy Coin Shop: Two 5 Moonlight Hero rotation (Light, Dark)

9. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ Heroes and Artifacts

- The descriptions for Heroes and Artifacts that have two or more passive skills will be improved for better clarity for their cooldowns. No functional changes will be made.

- An issue where debuffs were transferred to only one of the victims when the 4 Hero Champion Zerato used <Earthen Rage> attacking two enemies and transferring debuffs, will be fixed.

ㄴ (Added) This issue occurred after the October 14 update maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- Adjustments will be made in the description for the 5 Hero Alencia's <Mind's Eye> and the order of skill effects will be more clear. No functional changes will be made.

(Edited) - Adin, Zahhak, and Beehoo will be added to the 5 Hero Ran's Hero Relationships.

- An issue where some of the frames in the skill cut scene for the 5 Hero Designer Lilibet's skill, <Model Disqualification> were played in an abnormal order, will be fixed.

- An issue where repeatedly tapping the [Level Up] and [Preview] buttons on the Specialty Change screen for certain Heroes caused the game to stop working properly after opening the Level Up screen, will be fixed.


■ Adventure and Story

- An issue where clearing stage 1-S3. Red Mace Camp in Episode 1 would unlock 10-3. Dalberg Field in Chapter 10 will be fixed.

- An issue where the scroll on the left of the screen disappeared when performing certain actions while on the Awakened Adin screen in Episode 4 will be fixed.

- A function that allows players to move to the related screen for Spirit's Essence, a Rare Catalyst obtainable from Awakened Adin missions in Episode 4 will be improved

- Improvements will be made and the text displayed during the Awakened Adin mission in Episode 4 will not overlap.

- An issue where the buttons for the Awakened Adin in Episode 4 were not displayed on the screen in certain situations will be fixed.

- An issue where entering the AP Exchange in Episodes 1, 2, and 4, and then entering AP Exchange in Episode 3 caused the game to display AP of the player incorrectly, will be fixed.


■ Battle

- An issue where some effects from Heroes and Artifacts did not take effect in battles with Pain Pursuer Moroi in Expedition will be fixed.

   Heroes: 3 Angelic Montmorancy's <Prosperity Rune>, <Guard Rune> effects

   Artifacts: 5 Dignus Orb's <barrier>, and 5 Unseen Observer's <Increase Combat Readiness> effects

- The description for the unique effect <unable to be buffed> for the boss monster, Devourer Arahakan appearing in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Normal/Hell), will be adjusted for better clarity. No functional changes will be made.


■ Other

- The UI will be improved for players so that they are able to see Guild information in Arena and World Arena.

    In the World Arena Hall of Fame, the information registered before the update will be not affected.

- An issue where an error screen or a defeat window was displayed when a player repeatedly created and left a Mock Battle room in World Arena, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Hall of Fame in World Arena displayed incorrect information will be fixed.

- Improvements will be made in Ranking in Arena so that it now will take out the taken positions when there are multiple players being placed in the same position with equal Victory Points.

   e.g. When there are two players tied for third in the ranking, the next player is displayed in fifth place.

- Improvements will be made so that the numbers of slots before and after expansion in the Waiting Room and Equipment Storage will be displayed on the expansion window for players.

- An issue where the titles were displayed twice upon entering the Waiting Room and Equipment Storage will be fixed.

- Heroes will be listed in the following order in Journal > Hero Journal > Category.

    If the main characters, Ras and Adin, are included in the list, they are displayed at the top of the list.

    Hereos will be listed in the order of their natural Grade. (Higher goes on top)

- Improvements will be made so that the duration of visual effects for Awakening is shortened.

- Improvements will be made and warning pop-up windows will be displayed when attempting to use 4-5 Artifacts as material or when attempting to sell them.

- The items in Guild > Aid will be listed in the following order.

    The player's request

    Requests that the player can help with

    Requests that the player already helped with 

    Closed requests

- An issue where the Hero description was displayed twice on the left of the screen when selecting a Hero in Hero Details will be fixed.

- An issue where zooming in and out of the Hero images was disabled when entering Hero Details via the magnifying glass icon after moving to the Team menu page, except for from the Lobby, will be fixed.

- Improvements will be made so that a message is displayed when attempting to use a Pet placed in an Advent Side Story as a material for enhancing another Pet.

- An issue in Pet House > Pet List where the icon (E), indicating the usage status of a Pet, was not displayed for Pets placed in an Advent Side Story, will be fixed.

- An issue where an error occurred when performing certain actions will be fixed.


■ Retrieval of Exclusive Catalysts for 3 Adin

1. Schedule: 11/25 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 12/23 (Thu) 14:59 UTC 

2. Target: Players who have any Catalysts for the 3 Hero, Adin's Element Alteration

3. Details 

    - All Catalysts for 3 Adin's Element Alteration (Heart of the Woods/Breath of Karma/Frozen Seed/Traces of Brilliance) will be retrieved,

      and the equivalent quantity of Random Catalyst Chests will be provided as compensation. (Storage Period: 7 Days) 

    - The Catalyst for skill enhancement, Spirit's Essence, will remain intact.



10. Advent Side Story Enraged Blazing Emissary Preview



 Players will be able to see the monster's skill information that appears in the Advent Side Story, Enraged Blazing Emissary during the preview period.


Thank you.



  • BESTWhat's the point of the preview for the advent side story? Just let us play it for no energy cost to test teams before it comes lol 

    2021.11.24 10:35 (UTC+0)
  • BESThaha nice one sg a bit too late for the april fools though. Now show me the real Alencia EE

    2021.11.24 11:00 (UTC+0)
  • BESTYou really followed the moonlight hero release order for coin shop rotation UNTIL it was Top Model Luluca's turn for some reason, when you changed it up. I've been saving my coins for months for her....

    2021.11.24 10:35 (UTC+0)
  • What's the point of the preview for the advent side story? Just let us play it for no energy cost to test teams before it comes lol 

    2021.11.24 10:35 (UTC+0)
  • You really followed the moonlight hero release order for coin shop rotation UNTIL it was Top Model Luluca's turn for some reason, when you changed it up. I've been saving my coins for months for her....

    2021.11.24 10:35 (UTC+0)
  • Pretty mixed on new hero kit will wait for reviews before pulling but I am happy for new advent boss not looking forward to lagging background though.

    2021.11.24 10:36 (UTC+0)
  • POG 

    2021.11.24 10:36 (UTC+0)
  • Way too soon for a new hero smilegate -.-

    2021.11.24 10:49 (UTC+0)
  • haha nice one sg a bit too late for the april fools though. Now show me the real Alencia EE

    2021.11.24 11:00 (UTC+0)
  • One day Sez will get a buff.

    Sez Who? 

    2021.11.24 11:01 (UTC+0)
  • um... when will we get AOL angelica counter

    2021.11.24 11:03 (UTC+0)
    • once soul weavers get the eff res they deserve

      2021.11.24 11:06 (UTC+0)
    • A nerf would be better but either way that unit needs to be knocked down a peg or 12. It's really annoying theyve been so focused on countering violet when he should also be nerfed. I think the opinion that his buff was a blatant mistake they almost certainly didnt playtest is pretty unanimous 

      2021.11.24 13:56 (UTC+0)
  • Those EE are such a joke **** play your own game maybe

    2021.11.24 11:07 (UTC+0)
  • Beehoo...looks like new hero coming will be beehoo

    2021.11.24 11:15 (UTC+0)
  • New EE! And 2 characters that I like. They may not look strong, but it is + crit chance% stat, which is one of the best. I think I will use 1st EE on Alencia and 3rd on Ilynav.

    2021.11.24 11:30 (UTC+0)
  • Why is there a preview period? Also for hall of trials whats practice mode for? Just for stalling?

    2021.11.24 11:37 (UTC+0)
  • SG whats going? are you losing employees or something? push some real content for once, what are these trash updates? 

    2021.11.24 11:40 (UTC+0)
  • Alencia EE3 is pretty mediocre when compared with Rem and Violet who can punish enemy outside their turn while Alencia have to wait for her turn to come.

    Alencia EE3 should be 15-20% chance to activate mind's eyes after teammate get attacked, this wont make her as cancer as Violet and Rem since she still need a turn.
    In the story she always care for her friends, so this EE will stay accurate to her personality.

    For Ilynav her problem is that she lack of health sustain that Senya have, and she also has a useless skill1, Senya have lifesteal EE and permanent protection from her passive while Ilynav have to rely on her defense buff from her skill2, my Senya always last in the field longer than Ilynav and help the team more with her passive.

    At least Ilynav should have health generation buff for 1 turn like Belian when her skill1 didnt activate skill2. This way she could help the team longer, and make skill1 doesnt feel like poop (also pls give 20% hit chance for her skill2 *cough *cough)

    2021.11.24 11:45 (UTC+0)
  • Alencia EE seems pretty ok. CC main is always nice for dmg dealers. The S3 effect is absolute garbage though. The passive ones seem decent. But nothing thats gonna make Alencia meta again.

    Ilinav.... so basically with this you are saying her S1 is even more of a nonexistent skill which now reduces the CD of her S2... which essentially becomes her S1 at that point... this is way stupid even for a joke

    MLTieria... yeah I dont think anyone really cares about her, and those effects are pretty bad either way.

    So we have been waiting for 2 months for this eh ? Also can you please remove the grace period when introducing a new EE to shop and the time it can be crafted ? There is absolutely 0 reason for that to exist.

    I am pretty sure SG forgot half the older heroes even exist at this point.

    2021.11.24 11:52 (UTC+0)
  • These ee's aren't helpful. You should be working on a large nerf patch that targets aola and violet first among others instead of wasting everyone's time on these ee's that do practically nothing for their corresponding character's viability. Please stop doing drugs at work and fix your game. 

    2021.11.24 13:51 (UTC+0)

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