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[Maintenance] 1/6 (Thu) Maintenance Notice [6]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2022.01.05 10:33 (UTC+0)조회수 17675

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


We would like to inform you that we will have an update on 1/6 (Thu).

Please see below for more details.


■ 1/6 (Thu) Maintenance Notice

1. Schedule: 1/6 (Thu) 02:55 ~ 09:00 UTC

2. Details:

   - Episode 4, Chapter 3. West Prairie Update

   - Special Side Story, Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day - Week 3

   - New 3 Heroes

   - Arena Conviction Season Ending

   - Alencia & Alencinox's Wrath Drop Rate Up

   - High Definition Media Pack Update

   - Other Improvements and Adjustments


 Please Note

- Update details and times are subject to change. In this case, additional announcements will be made through this notice.

- Please log out of your game before the maintenance to ensure that your game data is stored properly.

- Players will not be able to access Epic Seven during the update.


We appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy this update!


Thank you.


  • Flandy was here.

    2022.01.06 02:56 (UTC+0)
  • Can fix all bug cuz sometime auto hunts will auto log out server or jam out game server 

    2022.01.06 03:28 (UTC+0)
  • I noticed a nasty bug recently that 100% crashes the game client. I was able to replicate the issue and figure out the problem. I believe this bug is due to incompatibility issues between different browsers. Please fix, thank you! Happy new year I love this game.

    2022.01.06 06:15 (UTC+0)
  • It's show reconnect when my stage gets cleared so i have to clear the stage again please fix this issue 

    2022.01.06 07:10 (UTC+0)
    • How is your cellphone reception or ethernet connection? A sudden loss in connection quality on your end would usually cause such issues ro occur. A little tip before calling the ISP I would suggest just only unplugging the power from your modem and router for one to three minutes before plugging the power sources back in. Then your devices should be lit usually blue or green and a device reboot may take a few mins 5~10 minutes depending on what device(s) you have. Sometimes a reboot is all you need or contact your cellular provider for cell phone connection issues not related to local or hotspot WiFi. (If your home network works and you are on the go it is your cellular connection).

      2022.01.06 07:26 (UTC+0)
  • Ohhh! It takes much time

    2022.01.06 07:40 (UTC+0)

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