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[Epic Seven l BGM] Lilias' Theme [6]

OFFICIAL GM Cartuja 2022.01.06 03:00 (UTC+0)조회수 1945

Hello Heirs!

We have uploaded a new soundtrack video on YouTube!

We will be uploading more soundtracks so please look forward to them.

Again, if there is any particular soundtrack you would like to hear, please leave a comment!

  • BESTMucacha SC please :(

    2022.01.06 05:57 (UTC+0)
  • not gonna lie, so far this is my favorite theme

    2022.01.06 04:20 (UTC+0)
  • Is there somewhere we can get the fire lilias's picture in the youtube video in full size? That would look amazing as a background 

    2022.01.06 04:27 (UTC+0)
  • Mucacha SC please :(

    2022.01.06 05:57 (UTC+0)
  • If there isn't one already, I'd love Senya or Illynav themed soundtracks. But what I'd really love, is a Jukebox in the Lobby to play all the great OP's (like promise and I'll be your energy) and the themes/battle music that E7 has to offer :].

    2022.01.06 06:04 (UTC+0)
  • I know its kinda early, but please consider releasing the current side story's BGM (Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day). The story is very good ending to the Alencia / Senya storyline. And this BGM captures all of the emotions included in their story.

    2022.01.06 13:05 (UTC+0)
  • I wish we can download the music just like how you can download the E7 Sound Alerts that were just released.... i really like to make Conqueror Lilias' theme as my ringtone

    2022.01.11 10:42 (UTC+0)

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