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Epic Seven Sound Alerts Released [27]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2022.01.11 09:00 (UTC+0)조회수 16836

Hello, Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


Do you remember our voice actors recorded Hero sound alerts for us at the end of the Christmas Talk Show?

Their amazing voices are now ready to be released!

Download them on your mobile devices right now!


Start your day with Epic Seven wake-up calls!


■ Epic Seven Sound Alerts Details

- You can download the Hero sound alerts attached to this notice.

- Some of the alerts are provided in both English and Korean.

- Some of the alerts were recorded during the Christmas Talk Show and may have background noise.


■ Epic Seven Sound Alerts Preview


Wake Up Alerts - Korean

[5 Belian - Wake Up, Message Alert)]

[5 Maid Chloe]


[5 Iseria]

[5 Violet]


[5 Sez



Message Alert - Korean

[4 Serila]

[4 Angelica]


[5 Remnant Violet]



Wake Up Alerts - English


[5 Vildred]


[4 Challenger Dominiel]


■ How to Set Epic Seven Sound Alerts On

Android Devices

For Android devices, you can download the files directly onto the device and have them selected for notifications.


1. Download the alert files attached to this notice and move the files into your device.

2. Open the setting menus for alarm and notification sounds on your device. (Menu may differ based on devices.)

3. Tap the (+) button at the top right corner of the screen to set audio files as ringtones.

4. Locate the downloaded Epic Seven sound alert files and select them.

(You can also go to the downloaded sound alerts folder.)

5. You have added the Epic Seven alerts into your ringtone list.


 Detailed paths to set ringtones may differ based on devices.



iOS Devices

For iOS devices, you can set your ringtones using the application, GarageBand.


1. Download GarageBand from the App Store and install the application on your device.

2. Download the sound alert files attached to this notice and move the files into your device.

3. Play the saved files and go to Share > Add to > GarageBand for iOS.

4. In the GarageBand File Transfer menu, select the files and tap Save at the top right of the screen.

5. Exit to the home screen and execute GarageBand.

6. Enter Audio Recorder.

 (If you only see My iPhone and Files, select Create New Song.)


7. In Audio Recorder, tap the highlighted icon at the top left of the screen.


8. Tap the speech bubble icon to load the saved files.


9. Tap and hold an audio file and drag-down on the timeline.


10. When the file is loaded, tap the inverted triangle icon at the top left of the screen, and tap My Songs to save.


11. Tap and hold the saved file in Recent Files on GarageBand to open the menu.


12. Tap Share and select Ringtone.


13. Rename the ringtone and tap Send at the top right of the screen. (Tap Approve to complete)


14. You can select the saved ringtone to use in Alarm or Notifications settings.



Thank you.

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