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[Closed] Match with Adin Event [1]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2022.01.13 03:00 (UTC+0)조회수 1283

Hello, Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel!


Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


The group arrived at the new continent, Natalon and meet Adin.

Have matches with Adin and see who seizes victory!


■ Match with Adin

1. Schedule: 1/13 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2/2 (Wed) 23:59 UTC

2. Details: To see how to participate in the event go to [ How to open an event page?]



[Daily Missions]

Play the modes below to complete Daily Missions for rewards!

Complete the missions to receive Energy and Tickets for the match.

- Daily Missions: Adventure, Hunt, Spirit Altar, Arena, Expedition, Automaton Tower

 Challenging the Automaton Tower again will not count toward your Daily Missions.



[Match with Adin]

Use the Tickets you have collected to have matches with Adin.

Players can have up to four matches with Adin per day.

For Every fourth Ticket used, the player can receive additional rewards.

Players can only use the Tickets they have obtained on that day, and any remaining Tickets will reset the next day.


[Bonus Rewards]

Receive additional rewards for the total number of matches you had with Adin.

Each bonus reward is obtainable only once.


 Please Note

- Daily Missions reset daily at the reset time of your server.

- Players can obtain up to four Tickets per day by completing the Daily Missions.

- Tickets can only be used on the day they are obtained and reset every day.

- The bonus rewards for the total number of Tickets used is obtainable only once.

- Devices with an OS lower than AOS 6.0 might have trouble running the game smoothly. We recommend playing on a device with OS 6.0 or higher.


Thank you.


  • All of these events are great, but after a recent patch I can't view it anymore. I can play the arena and story as well as the side stories, but this event says that I lost connection to the network . My android WebView is up to date btw. I have %100 connection to my Wi-Fi and full 5G connection.

    2022.01.27 06:19 (UTC+0)

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