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Devs we need you here in this time of need... [4]

RANK1 epic7#6ijatw[D4Z3] 2022.02.19 03:02 (UTC+0)조회수 308

Here im going to mention some things, that im sure will improve the wellness of the game:

1st- Remove the 15% resistance that happen at any given time, even when the unit have alot more effectiveness than the other unit eff.resistance.

*Solution: Give every unit on the game an innate 50% resistance, so with that will be more easy and more fair for the eff.res units, since they have 0% at the start normally, unless it is a special unit that obtain eff.res by awakening, and with that those special units will have even more eff.res at the start with no equipment.

After that make every AoE debuffing skill inflicted on the enemy have some kind of degradation for each different debuff, like for example the first debuff will have 100% chance of landing, then the next one will have 85% chance, then 70%,etc;So lets say a unit have dispel 1 debuff from the enemy first before applying speed down, so the dispel of a buff will have 100% of landing, then speed down will have 85%, but that is without taking into consideration the eff.res of that unit first, since that unit could still resist that debuff if it have the neccesary eff.res, plus if that unit first debuff is dispelling 1 buff and the targeted unit have no buff it will skip that debuff and have 100% for the next debuff like for example this time it will have 100% chance of speed down instead of 85%.

Then make that every single target unit debuffers have 100% chance on any debuff that they inflict, that way they could still be more relevant in some cases than the aoe debuffers, because of their reliability of inflicting everything without concern.

Now that you are deciding on changing the effect of some sets or make some changes on it, it works well with what im about to talk in this sentence, since another thing that works well in conjuction with all the other things i just discussed about this effectiveness and eff.res topic, is that the eff.res sets needs to have 50% instead of 20% for each set of them, with that they could become even more relevant since it gives more overall eff.res, and  combined with all the ideas previously mentioned it would work much better. Doing all those changes would make the eff.res unit being unstopabble against any debuffer, for that we need some changes too on the effectiveness rings, that instead of giving 65% at lvl 90 they would give 100%, and with all this implemented it would make every bit of eff.res more worth it at the same time of effectiveness.

Other thing that will be good to implement on conjuction with all of this, is to make the eff.res and effectiveness buffs to become 100% instead of 50%, so with that it will have a great impact if that unit have any of those buff when they want to  be offensive or defensive, since afterall they are so rare to find too, plus they arent as good as having def or atk buff since those are more consistent.

2nd- Remove innate dual attacks from every unit, since this is a problem when you are having clutch matches or at any time, plus that even some strategies when you dont want to do a dual attack it would happen anyways since there is no way of removing it from your unit.

*Solution: This is an even easier solution compared to the previous one, since you just need to remove it and make at the same time the dual set more worth it , since its one of the things needed for the ability to dual attack, then change the % from 4% to 7% for every set equipped.

3rd- Make different save state for every unit gear on hunts,expeditions,pvp(this includes arena, world arena,guild war,etc), and world map(this includes everything else with the exception of the ones previously mentioned,so this includes world boss,adventure, side story,etc), with this change it would be much more easily for building your unit how you wanted on arena, expedition, or hunts, since you would have different save state for every one of them, so no need to keep changing your builds when you want to do arena or anything else, so an easy management for any hunt or expediton team since you dont need to worry about wanting to use them on another content.

So that is it, with this changes im pretty sure this game will become much better and will have better advertisement, since in my opinion what makes this game a chore most likely are this kind of things instead of overpowered units , but still making every unit viable instead of selected ones would make it more fun too.

I hope that any devs could see this and think about these changes in the near future.


  • that 3rd one, i couldn’t agree more. 

    2022.03.01 12:13 (UTC+0)
  • Remove 15% and make ******* EffRes more viable
    example: that you need more Effectiveness than Resistance to than land by x % of the diff its so stupid that 200 ER is noway near enough to resist ......

    Also remove random Dual attacks so stupid losing of RNG

    2022.05.19 15:40 (UTC+0)
  • I like 1 and3. i dont understand 2. but other wise i agree.

    2022.07.23 04:58 (UTC+0)
  • I voiced a similar concern with the effectiveness and resistance ratio. you cant balance. on top of that how is a immunity effect being taken away and you get debuff, then what is the point of immunity set?

    2022.07.23 05:00 (UTC+0)

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