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[2022 Fan Art Contest] Global / AlTomatoez / Summer Beach Vacation [4]

RANK70 AlTomatoez[AlaskasTomatoez69] 2022.07.21 11:17 (UTC+0)조회수 1399

Just girls having a great time in a very special day.

  • Oh, the very same artist who drew Lidica on Holiday 2 years ago!

    This one is even more beautiful!!

    I shall vote for this one!!!

    (Pretty sure this one will be in the final 15. Feeling sad for my own submission at the same time......)

    2022.07.22 04:47 (UTC+0)
  • @tinkst Thank you so much! 
    Don't be sad, you're doing so well. If you are felling not good enough, doesn't that mean you have a lot room to improve? Keep grinding!

    2022.07.22 06:48 (UTC+0)
  • gg pour ton classement et merci pour mon nouveau fond ecran 

    2022.08.26 13:01 (UTC+0)
  • This art is so beautiful, the colors are so vivid and its so clean yet detailed. I'm really glad I was able to find it. Amazing art Altomatoez

    2022.08.28 07:21 (UTC+0)

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