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RANK65 huynhnhu[hnhu2101] 2022.12.02 05:14 (UTC+0)조회수 36

Most effective Moonlight unit to headhunt for new player? Saw some post recommend either Conqueror Lilias, Apocalypse Ravi but I been relying alot on other players Arbiter Vildred when using support heroes. Is he a good pick him from headhunt? Any help are appreciated.

  • I believe you see a lot of Arbiter Vildred as supporters because every player can obtain him from the Moonlight Blessing. So instead of getting Vildred from headhunting, you can just obtain him from the Moonlight Blessing (maybe for first time then replace with Spectre Tenebria later since you have one chance to change).

    For headhunting, I think Conqueror Lilias and Apocalypse Ravi are great choices since they can be useful in pve content (but more pvp). But I must warn you that while Lilias is great and feared by many players, she require high-end gear which is not usually available for new players. Ravi, in my opinion, is easier to build to be decent (also can revive ally) though still hard for new players to pull off.

    Other recommended hero is Mediator Kawerick. Later in game, you might want a unit that cleanses your debuffs. The one to help you is Kawerick since he can’t be controlled (stunned, silenced, etc) for long because of his skills and fast cycling, and he can buff attack.

    2022.12.02 21:25 (UTC+0)

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