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[Update] 12/22 (Thu) Update Content [87]

OFFICIAL Dominiel 2022.12.21 10:30 (UTC+0)조회수 63336

Hello, Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.

Players will be able to view this update after the maintenance on Thursday, December 22.

1. Hero and Artifact Balance Adjustments


Balance adjustments will be made to certain Heroes, facilitating better strategies involving them.

※ The probability, number of turns, and cooldowns are based on fully enhanced characters.

※ Other skills will not be changed unless stated.


1. Hero Balance Adjustments

■ 5 Dark Corvus (Dark, Warrior)

- The effect for <Shield Bash> will be changed.


- The effect for <Ruin's Advent> will be changed.


- <Devil's Descent >'s skill cooldown will be decreased by 1 turn.


■ 5 Briar Witch Iseria (Dark, Ranger)

- The effect for <Fallen Flower> will be changed.


- The skill and Skill Enhance effect for <Witch's Curse> will be changed.

- The effect and Soulburn effect for <Cursed Thorn> will be changed.


■ 5Astromancer Elena (Light, Ranger)

- The effect for <Disciple of the Stars> will be changed.


- The effect for <Enraged Star's Retribution> will be changed and its cooldown increased by 1 turn.


■ 5 Sez (Ice, Thief)

- The effect for <Dark Shadow> will be changed and it will deal more damage.


- <Encroach> will be changed to <Die Hard> and it will deal more damage.


- The effect of <Conviction> will be changed, and it will deal more damage.


■ 5 Yufine (Earth, Warrior)

- The effect for <Dragon's Roar> will be changed and the skill will have a Soulburn effect.


- The effect for <Dragon Charge> will be changed and the skill will no longer have a Soulburn effect.


■ 5 Celine (Earth, Thief)

- The effect for <Intuition> will be changed.


- The effect for <Thunderclap> will be changed and its Soulburn will deal more damage.


■ 3 Camilla (Light, Warrior)

- The effect for <Tactical Maneuver (Awakened)> will be changed.


2. Artifact Balance Adjustments

■ 5Samsara Prayer Beads (Warrior Exclusive)


■ 5 Celestine (Soul Weaver Exclusive)


■ 4 Andre's Crossbow (Ranger Exclusive)


3. System Adjustment

The effects of [A successful attack always results in a critical hit] and its skill description will be changed to make it more intuitive.


■ 5 Martial Artist Ken (Dark, Warrior)


■ 5Yuna (Ice, Ranger)


■ 5 Charlotte (Fire, Knight)


■ 4 Schuri (Fire, Ranger)


■ 3 Ains (Earth, Warrior)


■ 3 Melany (Fire, Warrior)


※ You can find more details about this Balance Adjustment in the notice, 12/22 (Thu) Balance Adjustment Preview.

2. New Labyrinth, Malicus's Consciousness


The new Labyrinth, Malicus's Consciousness will be available!

Enjoy the improved Labyrinth system and acquire new Labyrinth Equipment.



■ Entry Condition

Defeat Elisia of the Ice in Nixied's Sanctum Area 5

※ You must clear it again to enter the new Labyrinth, even if you have cleared it before.

[Entry Cost]

Labyrinth Compass x1


■ Main Rewards

[Stage Mission Reward]


Mission Information

Common Reward

Area 1

Clear Area 1 - Crimson River

Ancient Coin x50

Subdue Gatekeeper Spirit

Achieve recognition from Magnar of the Flame

Area 2

Clear Area 2 - Fake Village

Sweep the Unknown from the Outskirts

Meet and persuade the chiefs of the three tribes

Area 3

Clear Area 3 - Twisted Temple

Secure the path to the haven            

Interrupt Kawerik

Area 4

Clear Area 4 - Collapsed Haven

Rekindle the first Flame Altar

Interrupt Blaze Dingo


[Exploration Rate Rewards]


[Gold Chest Reward]


■ Labyrinth System function Improvement

[Minimap Guide Icon Display]

- Guide Icons will be displayed to indicate the objective and ways for each Labyrinth stage.

※ This function is only available in the Labyrinth: Malicus's Consciousness, Raid Labyrinth: Royal Capital Azmakalis, and Azmakalis of Cycle. It will be applied to other Labyrinths in the future.

[Other Improvements]

- Improvements will be made to the alignment of the entry buttons for each Labyrinth.

- Improvements will be made to the way the game displays the Exploration Rate for completed Labyrinths.



100% Explored

Completed (Checkmark added)

- A 'NEW' icon will be displayed on the [Battle], [Battle > Labyrinth (Image button)], [Battle > Labyrinth (Category text on the right)] when a new Labyrinth is added.



3. Moonlight Theater, Neither Life Nor Death Exists


The story of Moonlight Heroes in another world.

The second episode of the Moonlight Theater is here.


■ How to Enter

Clear Episode 2 Chapter 10 stage 10-10. Twisted Core


■ Neither Life Nor Death Exists Basic Information

- The second episode of Moonlight Theater is called "Neither Life Nor Death Exists", and is staged in Fallen Land.

- It consists of 15 episodes in total, and you can play normal battle stages and story stages.

- All stages in Moonlight Theater will proceed as NPC Battles and will not provide any stage clear reward.

- After watching season 1, season 2's first episode will be available for free.


[Cast Board]

- 3 new Heroes will be added.



- You can acquire a total of 3 illustrations by clearing each episode.

- The illustrations obtained will be added to [Journal > Art Journal > Moonlight Theater > Neither Life Nor Death Exists].

4. Special Side Story, A Step Towards KWANGYA - Chapter 4


ae-aespa who woke up in Orbis, begin their last journey to find their scattered members and go back to FLAT.

The Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」 consists of 4 chapters in total and each chapter will be unlocked successively during the Collaboration period.


■ Schedule

12/22/2022 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

※ The title screen will be changed to a video during the aforementioned period.


■ How to Enter

Clear Episode 1 Stage 2-10. Sage Minaret


■ Special Side Story, A Step Towards KWANGYA Information


[Chapter Opening Schedule]

- The Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」 consists of 4 Chapters.




Chapter 1


11/24/2022 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59UTC

Chapter 2

Distorted Politia

12/1/2022 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59UTC

Chapter 3

Politia Underground Ruins

12/15/2022 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

Chapter 4


12/22/2022 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59 UTC



- Designated music will be played as the BGM on the title screen.

- Some exclusive Epic Seven music will be played in the Side Story.


[Enhanced Heroes - Week 4]




Lead Hero Buffs

Lv. 60 / Awakened to 6 / +15 Enhanced Skills

Attack, Health – 30% Increase



Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Flan, Landy, Vigilante Leader Glenn, Sonia, Maid Chloe, Muse Rima, Bomb Model Kanna, Command Model Laika, Godmother, Glenn, Rima


- The Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」 does not provide any Event currency, but players can acquire Unity Points by clearing stages and achieving Reputation achievements for each chapter.

※ Acquired Unity Points can be used in nævis's Control Room.

※ As there isn't any event currency for the Side Story, it will not provide Exchange, Goblin Gates, or Enhanced Artifact.


■ nævis's Control Room

- You can acquire special rewards from nævis's Control Room by spending Unity Points collected from the Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」.

- The Unity Points that can be acquired for ae-aespa members in each chapter are different. 


[Chapter 4 Unlock Condition]

Hero Name

Unlock Condition


Clear Chapter 1 stage 11. Epitaph Ruins


Chapter 2, Distorted Politia


Chapter 3, Politia Underground Ruins


Chapter 4, KWANGYA 


■ Stages

- In the Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」, regular stages, story stages, and multi-difficulty stages will be available. In addition, Goblin's Den, and MolaGora Habitat will be available.

- Players will be able to unlock the next stage by completing the stage prior to it.

- The stages where NPC teams battle on the initial entry will be changed to proceed with your own team after the initial clear.


[Story Stages]

- Story Stages do not require Energy to enter and do not contain any battles.

- Story Stages do not provide Unity Points.


[Stage Difficulty]

- The Special Side Story, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」 will provide a multi-difficulty stage for each chapter.

- Players will be able to unlock the next stage by completing the one prior.

- Players can complete Hell difficulty in each stage 5 times during the Side Story period.


[S. Goblin's Den / S. MolaGora Habitat]

- During the Special Side Story period, 「A Step Towards KWANGYA」, Goblin's Den, and MolaGora Habitat will be available.

- Players will be able to complete S. Goblin’s Den and S. MolaGora Habitat once per chapter during the Side Story period.


※ The following content has been created by adapting aespa's universe and is unrelated to SMCU's aespa origin story.


5. New Limited 5 Hero ae-KARINA


Although she has the power to demolish anything, ae-KARINA is known to be joyful and simpleminded, like an innocent child.

Meet the new limited 5★ Hero ae-KARINA, who is currently in SYNK DIVE with KARINA, in the Limited Drop Rate Up event.




[Hero Introduction]


[Skill Introduction]



6. New 5 Artifact, Rocket Punch Gauntlet

■ The Knight-exclusive 5 Limited Artifact, Rocket Punch will be added.



7. ae-KARINA & Rocket Punch Gauntlet Limited Summon


In this Limited Drop Rate Up event, meet the Ice Elemental Knight, ae-KARINA who activates her passive skill when Health of an ally except for the caster falls below a certain point, protecting an ally and granting her a turn to inflict huge damage. Players can also obtain the Knight exclusive Artifact, Rocket Punch Gauntlet, which inflicts additional damage proportional to the caster's Defense after attacking with a Single Attack.


■ Schedule

12/22/2022 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59UTC


■ Summon Currency

- ae's Bookmark, Covenant Bookmark

- ae's Bookmark will be used first before Covenant Bookmark. (1 per summon)


※ The unused ae's bookmarks will be deleted after the Collaboration ends on 1/5/2023 (Thu) 02:59 UTC. Please use them before the Collaboration ends.

8. Other Improvements and Adjustments

■ Shop

[ Lucky Week Dash Pack ]

- Sales Period: 12/28/2022 (Wed) 15:00 ~ 1/4/2023 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

   * The Pack will be available on the 5th-week update.

- Availability: Available at Rank 4 or higher. 

- Purchase Limit: Once during the sale period


※ Lucky Week Dash Pack Details

    - The 10 summons from the Lucky Week Dash Pack will not include any Moonlight, Limited, Collaboration, or Free Heroes. 

   - New 5★ Covenant Heroes who had their Drop Rate Up Banner Summon end prior to the sales of the Lucky Week Dash Pack will be included.


■ Adventure and Story

- An issue where the escaping motion for Incomplete Fastus after being defeated was unnatural in Episode 2, Stage 10-1. Divergence Point, will be fixed.

- Typos in certain dialogue in Episode 4 Chapter 10 will be fixed.

- An issue where the battle did not proceed and the screen froze after the Hero's skill was activated before the monster appeared when moving to the location where the monster appeared in the Labyrinth-style battle stage, will be fixed.

 - An issue where the incorrect background music was played after watching the Moonlight Theater story involving a battle, will be fixed.

■ Battle

- An issue where the image of the target receiving damage was not displayed properly when returning from Background Battling while the skill 3 animation was displayed, will be fixed.


■ World Arena Replay and Share Guild Chat Function

- World Arena Replay and Share Guild Chat function will be added to [World Arena > Battle Log > Details] 


[Watch Replay]


[Share Guild Chat]


※ The maximum number of saved Battle Logs will be increased from 10 to 30.  (The storage period will be maintained at 15 days)

※ [Shared Replay Notice] will be added to the Guild Chat Notification Settings

※ You cannot use the replay function when in a battle.

※ You can maneuver replays based on turn order.

※ You cannot operate replays during skill animations.

※ You cannot share replays of battles that were either played on a different device or ended abnormally.


■ Music Player

- 5 new songs will be added.



How to Unlock

Side Story

Neither Life Nor Death Exists

Episode 2 Chapter 10-10. Twisted Core

Stage Clear

Dark Star's Blessing

Distorted Rage

Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day

■ Special Side Story

Play Fairy Tale for a Snowy Day

Farewell Melody


- An issue where an incorrect song was played on the music player when the song [Promise (JP VA ver)] was selected, will be fixed.


■ Other

- An issue where the voice line of 'Acquired' for some Specialty Change Heroes, which is not used in-game, was played when assigning them in Hero Lobby in the Lobby Settings, will be fixed.

- Improvements will be made to line breaks and quotation marks in the descriptions of some Artifacts.

- A new filter that does not display max-enhanced Equipment and Artifacts will be added.

- An issue where some of the Hero's facial images in [World Arena > Battle Log] were inverted when they are not supposed to, will be fixed.

- An issue where players were unable to clear the stage when Schuri was revived by Quickfire's skill effect after the Boss, Watcher Schuri was defeated by damage reflected from his skill Quickfire on the 81st floor of Abyss, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Unassigned Hero pop-up screen was displayed when the number of Heroes assigned to an Arena team is less than 3, will be fixed

- An issue where the Mock Battle Room information was not displayed properly when entering certain letters for its Room Name in World Arena Mock Battle, will be fixed.

- An issue where the Battle Log was not displayed after moving to the Battle Log menu while loading the previous Menu's information when moving to the vertical menu on the right in World Arena, will be fixed.

- An intermittent issue where the match was recorded as a loss even when you were not matched after tapping the Find Opponent button in World Arena, will be fixed.


Thank you.

  • BESTThank you for ruining Yufine just forcing pve unit to pvp seriously whoever SG team said this should be fired.

    2022.12.21 10:57 (UTC+0)
  • BESTRevert that Yufine nerf or give Recall

    SG literally made her unusable... such a nice ''balance'' team.

    2022.12.21 10:33 (UTC+0)
  • BESTWe need a Recall button for Yufine 
    this is BS!

    all those resources invested in her will be wasted!! 

    2022.12.21 10:47 (UTC+0)
  • Revert that Yufine nerf or give Recall

    SG literally made her unusable... such a nice ''balance'' team.

    2022.12.21 10:33 (UTC+0)
    • epic7#v5e6j9They are hardly similar.

      Yufine loses her huge PvE damage from extra damage on a buffed enemy, compared to CLorina doing damage proportional to missing Health.

      By tying Yufine's extra damage to her Silence, PVE Yufine loses a lot of damage since most boss mobs are silence-immune anyways.

      CLorina also doesn't replace Yufine  because of Yufine's EE for a chance to extend buff durations on S1. And partly because of Yufine's old S3 damage modifier being really high.

      Labyrinth Raid Boss Yufine comp has been heavily nerfed. I was really hoping SG would recant the change, like they did Ervalen.

      2022.12.21 18:39 (UTC+0)
    • onecaiserI'm assuming that you are talking about 50% bonus damage on a13 which has crit buff? LMAO, just use schuri ml instead

      2022.12.22 06:30 (UTC+0)
  • Watch Jenazad on Twitch

    2022.12.21 10:35 (UTC+0)

    2022.12.21 10:38 (UTC+0)
  • Oh boy! Can't wait to share a replay to my guildies where my Zahhak with symbol of unity couldn't land a crit to Senya, my units keep dual attacking with a Lionheart on the right side, and enemy choux keeps proccing Fwoosh!

    2022.12.21 10:43 (UTC+0)
    • Mate, just know there's a difference between hit chance and CRIT hit chance. Zahhak doesn't need that, just go for 100 crit. chance and go portrait artifact or something

      2022.12.22 02:01 (UTC+0)
    • Lawrenxe21learn to read properly, he meant that he wanted to share his bad rgn games to his guildies, not complaining about Zahhak
      Edit: Maybe you replied to other comments, not the main one, please state whom you are referring to next time

      2022.12.22 06:44 (UTC+0)
  • We need a Recall button for Yufine 
    this is BS!

    all those resources invested in her will be wasted!! 

    2022.12.21 10:47 (UTC+0)
  • lul the replay best new content

    2022.12.21 10:53 (UTC+0)
  • Watch Lacari on Twitch

    2022.12.21 10:55 (UTC+0)
  • YDCB BEST STREAMER (he didn't tell us to do it btw)

    2022.12.21 10:55 (UTC+0)
  • Watch ydcb on twitch

    2022.12.21 10:55 (UTC+0)

    2022.12.21 10:56 (UTC+0)
  • Watch YDCB on Twitch

    2022.12.21 10:56 (UTC+0)
  • Can't wait for YDCB's update review

    2022.12.21 10:57 (UTC+0)
  • Thank you for ruining Yufine just forcing pve unit to pvp seriously whoever SG team said this should be fired.

    2022.12.21 10:57 (UTC+0)
    • you are just dumb, she can still 1 shot b13, auto expedition 3, 100% raid (now better without s2 speed buff). The only downgrade i can think of is a13, which she wont get extra damage for its crit buff but most people use schuri ml so...

      2022.12.22 10:16 (UTC+0)
    • AlexAlexAlexcalm down lil man

      2022.12.24 19:00 (UTC+0)
  • Don't watch lacari and Jenazad. Watch our boi YD instead

    2022.12.21 10:58 (UTC+0)
  • Wish Briserias S3 kept its 100% Att down instead of the 75% def Break. 

    There are plenty other heroes for that. Not that many viable ones who do AoE Attack down debuff.

    2022.12.21 11:03 (UTC+0)
    • epic7#u4flo8it had, you guys complained it was a bad change without considering the whole new kit, stupid cherry pick imo

      2022.12.23 05:42 (UTC+0)
    • AlexAlexAlexNot stupid cherry picking. Nobody has problem with the "new kit" which is not new. Only new thing is the revive cancel. The rest is just moving stuff around.

      Nobody has problem with the "new" Briseria. What we have problem is the S3 change, the rest is fine. Thats not cherry picking, thats pointing at a very specific thing of discontent. Unlike you who want to talk in broad strokes and pretend people have problem with the hero as a whole and dont consider her kit blablabla.

      We ARE considering her whole kit, and the main issue we see is the S3.

      Saying "I have a problem" doesnt mean much unless you specify "what" the problem is.

      2022.12.23 09:20 (UTC+0)
  • Wow the trash Yufine changes are going through. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite PvE unit by turning them into yet another original PvP defense pen book abusing nuker. 

    2022.12.21 11:07 (UTC+0)
    • AlexAlexAlexWhy don't read the changes again yourself -_-. Stop justifying this as a good balancing. Her s3 strip was useful which is gone now as well 50% dmg up. More dmg with silence? bosses are immune to that shi*. So, you won't be getting that cr push either. Fckn stoopid pvp unit now.

      2022.12.22 07:19 (UTC+0)
    • epic7#ww1bcblol, you just like to complain, her s3 has no use whatsoever, maybe extra damage in a13? but most people use schuri ml anyway so...

      2022.12.22 10:02 (UTC+0)

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